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We believe in offering our patients sound advice relating to all the areas that effect health and wellbeing.

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Wellbeing & Diet

There are three basic ingredients for good health: Food, Attitude and Function (FAF). There are no more or less ingredients...just these three.

Peter Welsh offers advice associated with these fundamental pillars of health and wellbeing .

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What to Eat - Do's & Don'ts

With so many column inches dedicated to the do's and don'ts of what we can and can't eat, it can be very confusing indeed.

Peter Welsh offers advice associated with the major food groups simplifying what has become a very hot topic in recent years .

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Peter Welsh and the team aim to provide the highest quality of support and after care for all patients. Our objectives are to bring you back to health and to sustain your well being for the foreseeable future. We realise that issues relating to Health are wide ranging and often advice is confusing and contradictory.

With this in mind why not use our dedicated Facebook page to ask a question. Simply post your inquiry on our page and we will endeavor to reply as soon as possible.

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5 Ways to enhance your life!

Peter is often asked, " How can I improve my Life ? " some enquire about household products, food and drink, exercises, timetables, sleep time, beds, dental appliances plus much more. So here begins a regular feature and here are a few good tips to start.

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10 Procedures you may want to think twice about during pregnancy

One of the biggest origins of back pain for any woman is pregnancy. Not only during, but often many, many years later, ladies will suffer from many spinal or joint conditions which some will never associate to their pregnancy...but it so often is.

To those pregnant patients Peter see's, he has one major rule:

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Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

1 in 5 pregnant women suffer from what is commonly known as ‘Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction’. For many pregnant ladies, their journey starts with an anxious trip to the A&E department fearing the worst. Peter Welsh and his team specialise in a range of treatments to reestablish the correct position and function of the pelvis. From the ladies that have already been treated with this condition, it brings the joy back into the journey.

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Dairy for human consumption

It's one of the top supermarket sellers, always in the fridge and often marketed as one of the primary sources of nutrition. The latest addition to the Welsh Chiropractic Website Advice Centre explores a bovine angle not commonly shared and asks "is it time to move away from the white stuff?".

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