Clinic Services

As a patient your initial consultation focuses on diagnosis. After isolating the problem or problems we progress to plan treatment where appropriate. This may be manipulative or non-manipulative (massage, exercise), or otherwise referred to Specialist Clinicians or their GP. Patient Education is of paramount importance and advice is provided throughout all stages of consultation and treatment.

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Clinic Services

Chiropractic Consultation

Chiropractic is appropriate for all ages from new-born children to the elderly. We do not prescribe or follow the medicinal route to healthcare , but instead look for the origin to the problem and then correct it. In difficult cases, we may refer patients for further tests and/or investigations from other health colleagues.

It is in our interest to work with every patient in a respectful and open manner, and as a team, we rely on our Patients to give us their fullest cooperation to achieve the best outcomes. Our reputation rests on successful outcomes.

Our initial consultation is approximately 30 minutes. A full history of the problem will be taken, an appropriate examination carried out, and a diagnosis will be made, with recommended treatment following.

Clinical Treatments

The Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) is used as the primary method of restoring functional health to his Patients. It is a very gentle technique mainly, and is known as the ‘chosen technique of Chiropractors who treat other Chiropractors’.

Also used is a modified Diversified Technique which uses mainly manipulative procedures and massage techniques. Some exercises working alongside the treatment usually give the best results.

Lifestyle and Nutritional changes are suggested where necessary and are part of every treatment program. Wioleta and Hayley use various Soft Tissue Therapies to remove muscular tension/stress involved in a patient’s condition. Deep tissue massage and ‘trigger point therapy’ are used mainly, with stretch and ‘active release’ techniques.

X-ray/ MRI

We have access to onsite digital X-rays or we may choose to refer out to a second clinic locally. X-rays are only taken when absolutely appropriate for the well-being of the patient and cost from £48.

Similarly, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans can be referred for, currently to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, from as little as £250. These are both private, direct referrals and the time from referral to results is usually 2 weeks for MRI and 3 working days for X-ray.

Prevention & Prediction

The Welsh Chiropractic Clinic has a unique approach to sports therapy & intervention. With full-body analysis of mechanical and neurological activity, it is now possible to predict patterns of weakness in all sport players, and with the right tools apply changes to reduce these potentials. This is not available in current sports science. What is currently available to sportsmen and women is rehabilitation.

Our objective is to progress a step further and reduce the chances of non-contact injury ever occurring. Preventing an injury in Sport / Athletics is what all participants want and we will work with you to provide advice and treatment to make that a possibility.

Well-being & Diet

It would be wrong to say that you are only what you eat, as there is far more to life and health than that...but the right food, in a balanced diet, is essential for good health. Visiting us may open your eyes to what foods are appropriate for you and what are not. Supplements, such as vitamins, minerals and oils may be required by your body, at some times more than others. We will be able to advise you on these lines, or possibly arrange for you to see a clinical nutritionist.

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Most of our patients require aftercare, following their initial course of treatment. When the symptoms are gone, more often than not there is still a problem, or a weakness, that remains in the background ready to rear its painful head again sometime in the future.

Our method is different to other clinics whereby we will usually retest your body’s abilities over ever increasing intervals, until your body proves stable enough to last over 6 months without failing. It is not possible to ‘cure’ anyone of all ails...but to restore health and reduce recurrence is very possible if you maintain your Chiropractic care.