Today we are celebrating over 19 years in business. During this time our team of doctors have successfully treated and cured over 10,000 individual patients.

With a success rate of patient improvement and cure at an impressive 90% our aim is to continually improve our services and expertise to make sure more people just like you bring health and happiness back into their lives. Here's a small selection of the many success stories that we are proud to have played a part in.

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Susan - Sheffield

“Thank you, you have transformed my life!” “30 years ago I was in a serious car accident. Without spinal fusion I would have been permanently paralysed. I came to the Welsh Chiropractic Clinic in September 2008 and the Doctor was surprised just how stiff my neck was and what I had been putting up with.

Until I had treatment I didn’t realise how bad my neck was, I could hardly bend, and I had lost a lot of dexterity in my fingers, making my job difficult. From the first session I was surprised to sit up and find I could move my neck! I could turn my head to drive instead of using my whole body! After a few more sessions I noticed I could move my fingers again and the strength in my hands was improving! People have told me I walk with a spring in my step and that I look like I have lost weight because my posture has improved!

I wish I had come years ago. I now come for Chiropractic treatment and massage therapy every so often to seep my neck as loose as it can be, but it really has transformed my life!”

Andrew - Sheffield

In May 2011 I hurt my back rather badly. Within a week or so I was finding it hard to walk. I tried physiotherapy but my condition worsened. After a MRI scan which showed a massive herniation of a lumbar disc – agony explained I decided to see if I could get over it without surgery, just with Peter’s chiropractic. Well, I did – walking well within weeks, and with diminishing pain.

This spring - 18 months after the first MRI scan, and symptom-free – I decided to have another one. Astonishingly, the herniation had completely disappeared. Conclusion: my immune response had done the work; but Peter’s chiropractic had created the conditions in which it could do it, and in which no distortion of the back arose in consequence of the original injury.

Jessica - Rotherham

I had an injury that was holding me back from exercising so I booked a consultation with The Welsh Chiropractic Clinic. We started by discussing my symptoms in context with my medical history, lifestyle and personal circumstances; then I attended a weekly appointment over a period of two months, regularly reviewing my progress and discussing changes that could be made to the treatment plan to assist me further.

The treatment was pain free and I was soon ‘slotted back in to place’. Initially I wasn’t sure how effective the treatment would be, as I'd had the injury for some time, but after six weeks I was back in the gym, running on the treadmill – Mr Welsh is friendly and professional and put me completely at ease. I recommend the clinic to all my friends and family. I just wish I’d not put off the appointment and visited years earlier.

Macaulay - Rotherham

I've had problems for years with my left knee which caused problems with my hips and back which affected my balance. The doctors and A&E did absolutely nothing which didn't help and it just got worst. But Peter was fantastic and preformed miracles to get me back to normal, I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me, I'm so happy to get back on my feet again.

Terry - Sheffield

I'd struggled for a number of years completing 18 holes of golf due to back problems. Medical intervention, x-rays & physiotherapy failed to help.

I decided to try Welsh Chiropractic as what I considered a final resort and within 5 weeks I was back on the golf course and completing 18 holes with little or no discomfort. If you're struggling with your back, I'd recommend giving the Welsh Clinic a try.

Claire Anne - Rotherham

After years of treatment yet still in extreme pain, I literally stumbled into the Welsh Clinic following a recommendation from a friend. I was given an appointment quickly and I was given a good prognosis and told that the problem was not with the feet, but was a skeletal one, and I undertook a further 3 appointments and my back pain cleared up and my balance improved.

After that I became a regular patient at the clinic. With slow progress I was getting my confidence back and now only attend once every three weeks and I am now pleased to report that I have been able to go to a couple of dinner dances and actually been able to dance. This after 2 years and 2 months without setting foot near a dance floor. I am able to go on holiday and with continued progress I have now have the ability to do more with my life. Very well done Dr Welsh!